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Koffee with Kim LIVE

HI! Kim here....Is it ok to ask you a question? Have you ever asked someone out for Coffee?

It doesn't have to be coffee that you drink, it could be tea, or water or a soda.

Was the intent to get to know them personally, business or both?

Koffee with Kim LIVE is to create a global community where people can reveal their purpose globally and come together to be celebrated and make a difference.

Are you someone who is looking for more positivity in your day? Perhaps some inspiration?

Are you looking for some education on navigating this online world? How would you like to learn something new? Maybe even something you didn't know existed?

Do you or someone you know own a business or do you have gifts that you want to share with a larger audience?

Here my guests are able to...Convey what they do love and want. Celebrate what gifts they bring to the world. Connect with those who need what they have to offer.

I would love to potentially have you as my next guest. Got Apply tab and Apply!

I would love to potentially have you as my next guest. Go to the Apply tab and Apply !

Koffee with Kim LIVE episodes are 1-2 per month. Subscribe and click the bell to our Youtube channel Koffee with Kim Live so you can be notified when we are going LIVE.

Your Host

Kim Bassett

HI! My name is Kim Bassett and I am your host of Koffee with Kim LIVE.

I am the mother of 6, wife of 36 years, serial entrepreneur, corporate leader, trainer, speaker, and author.

With more and more of what we do being online I was looking for a way of combining what I do, love and want.

What I do is empower my guests to reveal what their purpose globally.

What I love is connecting with others, networking, and celebrating others.

What I want is to serve others and make a difference in the world.

Three of my life philosophies are love what you do, serve others and provide value.

You are probably asking how Koffee with Kim came about.

It is a result of the training and mentoring this past year with Joel Bauer and being part of several communities that support one another and who are of like minds. A mentor can help you realize what is already inside you and get you out of your own way.

I am putting my heart and soul in what I am creating here..

    How to connect with me

  • Email: [email protected]

    (1) Kimberly Stephens Bassett | Facebook(1) Koffee with Kim LIVE | Facebookhttps://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=koffeewithkimlive

Other ways to work with Kim 

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