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Koffee with Kim LIVE

Meet the great leaders who have come on Koffee with Kim LIVE and who have been Celebrated in their field of expertise and have Conveyed what they Do, Love & Want. Their gifts and contact information is below for you to Connect with them. Will you be next?

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Rhonda Sher

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Joseph Rosales

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John Lomas



How 2 Get More

Jill Wright



Executive Shine

Ahn Trung



Venn Negotiation

Crystal Davis



Venn Negotiation

Hannah Kruger



Venn Negotiation

Christian Semlitsch

Christian Some people call Christian the Swiss Business Samurai, as he became World Champion in 2006. Today he applies martial arts philosophy alongside with Leadership as well as Emotion Readings skills, strategies and tactics to a powerful speaking and closing system. Christian dedicates his mastery to teach and train women to become powerful presenters and communicators, to overcome their educational and social conditioning and using strategies that are proven and can be learned easily, like a second language. Christian has a track record of working with big European and Swiss Companies like the biggest Swiss Trade Show Organizer, official Swiss Telecom, building and leading the unique EMR Switzerland with over 20K Members, as well as for leading international companies like Blenheim int. and Reed Exhibitions Ltd. – to all of which he has created systems and services worth millions of Euros, impacting thousands of lives. As one of the top experts in reading people’s emotions, Christian can show you how to successfully learn and use these skills to improve your relationships in business as well as in private and to pivot your business results. People rely on Christian’s methods not just because of his track record but because he is an integrator, combining methods that if applied the right way create massive impact and empower those who embrace and apply it the way he teaches them. His goal is to transfer you his life’s work, skills worth several hundred-thousands of Euros, his experience and knowledge that will save you 10-15 years learning curve and trial and error. What you can expect is Swiss Precision and Quality in teaching and trainings that work like the precision gear of a swiss watch and integrate each and every piece that you learn how to apply for your Free Training Gifts and Downloads: 1. Books to improve your mindset – which is always the first step to achieve your goals.


Her True Voice

Christine McKay

Christine is a negotiation strategist, international speaker & author. She has 27 years of experience with hundreds of companies in 53 countries. 

Earning her MBA from Harvard is a story not to be missed. You can hear from her perspective by watching the episode.

Christine has founded her company Venn Negotiations, her podcast In the Venn Zone, and her new book coming soon Why Not Ask. 

To receive her Gifts text VENN to 26786 or click the link below get access to our quiz to learn your default negotiation style and get our ebook: Seven Keys to Successful Negotiations.


Venn Negotiation

Renate Prandl

Author and mentor Renate Prandal has coached and mentored over 3000 students, athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs and CEO's worldwide. She has been featured in newspapers and magazines and has served in the world leading health resorts, colleges and academics.

She loves empowers other through her hands-on, unconventional, science based immersion trainings conducted internationally - saving attendees a 15-20 year learning curve.

Prandal will reveal her 3 step system, The Renate System so that you will be able to:

Shift your MINSET from impossible to possible.

Get Clarity on MISSION, your why, to stay on track when life gets tough.

Learn and implement the necessary MOVES in a doable and sustainable way.

Turn obstacles into stepping stones.

Design your destiny versus living in default, using Renate's proven process.

Prandal will gift her book "Life Mastery Secrets Revealed" (usually only available to her VIP membership students) that will make a significant difference an ANY area of your life...


Renate Website - Body and Brain Mastery

Tina Torres


Tina Torres is a Client Retention Expert. She’s been recognized as a top performing sales associate, awarded #1 in her region, and a top income producer, using her proven system for building strong customer relationships. Tina is the best selling author of The Gratitude Journal. She is the founder of the Connection to Client Blueprint - a proven follow up method to enhance relationships with clients and potential customers. Her mission is to show the world how implementing gratitude into your daily life can change your business. Tina is a morning TV show host, best selling author, and global speaker. She lives in Charlotte, NC where she is living an attitude of gratitude and showing the world how to build relationships that matter.


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Piper Byers

Singing and performing since she was 9 years old, Piper Byers is an upcoming indie pop artist from Dallas, Texas. After nearly a decade in the entertainment industry, she took a break to focus on school. Now she is back in full force. The singer-songwriter has released multiple singles and a 5 song EP over the course of the pandemic and does not plan on stopping any time soon.


Find all of Pipers music on all the popular music platforms.

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Sarah Bassett

Sarah is a dreamer and a manifestor. She has worked in the entertainment industry since the age of 5. She has spent her life in service of others through her life wisdom and the desire to see others reach their highest potential


(2) Sarah Bassett | Facebook

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Fatima Hurd

Fatima - Is a mother of 3, Married. Works as a teacher, photographer and vision board expert since 2008.She has been sharing her gift of vision to small groups and audiences from the single person to the corporate events .She believes everyone has a story and that you have the ability to design, create and live the life of your dreams.

 Email: [email protected]

(1) Focus 2 Vision | Facebook

Contact Fatima by email for your free gift!

Dr Ivan Carney

Dr. Carney raised in the Midwest, devoted most of his career the past 37 years as a doctor of chiropractic. While growing his chiropractic business. He discovered his passion as a marketing genius, copywriter, author and speaker. Now he devotes a large portion of his time to helping businesses double or triple their incomes through the power of marketing, social media and his favorite, interactive books. One of his recent clients doubled his income in just three months having written a book with the help of Dr.. Carney in fact he uses it as a business card as well as consulting with Dr Carney. Currently living in Murrieta, California, he spends time with his 9 dogs, has one son and loves spending time at the beach when he's not writing or crafting books and emails for clients.

How to Connect with

Dr. Carney

Email - book2profit

Facebook group:(1) Book 2 Profit | Facebook

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Samantha Gillis

Samantha is the founder of Broadcast Brilliant. Author of Multiple Books, Mentor of 1000’s, A woman who simply has a knack of inspiring lives, an award winning actor turned Internet Entrepreneur. A speaker, a mentor, a producer, and mother of two. She has been Featured on Broadcasts such as, The The Authority Builder, Growth Cast Live, Metaphysical School, and many others. She has represented companies such as KOODO, Envision Network, and The LightWarriors Academy. She Passionately empowers others into extraordinary results through Vision, Vulnerability, and Visibility both Online and Offline -- saving students a 15-20 year learning curve.

How to connect with Samantha

Email - [email protected]
FB Group: (1) Broadcast Confident NOW | Facebook

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